Keep Up the Good Work

Thanks for helping reach our fundraising goals! We can't do it without you.
With everyone's help, we can be successful.
We are about halfway through our fundraiser so there is still plenty of time. Head over to and get registered and/or share via email, texting,
and social media.
In case you missed it, here are a few easy ways to share:
1. Use the form on your seller dashboard to submit more email addresses.
2. Use the share buttons to share your site. Each product page has unique social
media graphics highlighting that page. It is a good idea to share different pages
each day.
3. Visit your site on your mobile phone to see the text share button. You can also
cut-and-paste the link right into a text message.
4. Cut-and-paste your link into Facebook Messenger to share directly with friends
and family.
Keep up the awesome work! Together we can do this!