1st Grade

Brenda BecentiBrenda Becenti

​-First Grade Lead Teacher

Ext: 5421

Email: bbecenti@fms.k12.nm.us 


Stephanie BowmanStephanie Bowman

​-First Grade Teacher

Ext: 5694

Email: sbowman@fms.k12.nm.us


Courtney RileyCourtney Riley

​-First Grade Teacher

Ext: 5294

Email: criley@fms.k12.nm.us



Madeigh Winsor

​Madeigh Winsor

​-First Grade Teacher

Ext: 6113

Email: mwinsor@fms.k12.nm.us


1st Grade Schedule:
07:30-08:30 Check Email and Start up Schoology
08:30-10:00 Prep/Communicate with Parents or Conference with Students (Office Hours)
10:00-12:00 PLC @ 10:00, prep/plan
12:00-02:00 Feedback to Students/ Conference with Students
03:00-05:00 Grading/Schoology/Check Email