School Procedures


When you need to contact your child’s teacher, you may email them, message them through Schoology, or call the office and leave a message. 



Parents should notify the school by telephone each day a student is absent. The school encourages parents to schedule physician, dental, and other health appointments after school hours. In the event that your child may have excessive absences or tardies, the school may contact you and require a doctor’s note.  


Visitors must present a valid, state-issued ID to the school’s office staff and check in at the kiosk. Visitors entering the school beyond the office must receive a printed ID sticker that must be worn and visible during the entire stay. All though we have an open door policy, we ask that parents do not interrupt the learning process.


1. At the sound of the alarm, students should stop work immediately and turn off     

    lights, close windows and shut hall door. 

2. Students line up at outside door to leave building.

3. Students leave the room in an orderly line (no running, pushing, shoving, etc.)

4. If the normal exit is blocked, use an alternate route.

5. The teacher is the last to leave the room and carries the class attendance with her/him.

6. Classes go at least 50 feet away from the building and line up quietly.

7. The teacher calls roll and makes sure all students are present.

8. The principal or office manager will announce an all clear when it is safe to return to the building.

9. Drills are held once each week for the first four weeks of school.

Duty teachers should take a radio out to the playground whenever outside the building, on bus duty, or on drop off duty.  If students need to evacuate the playground because of an intruder, lightning, or a dog, the duty teacher will call the office and office staff will announce an evacuation of the playground over the intercom.  All students evacuating the playground will enter the building and stay in lockdown mode until allowed to return to classes.


A lockdown occurs when an intruder is outside the building and the building needs to be secured from entrance by the intruder.  Situations that might precipitate a lockdown would include an escaped convict in the area, a parent threatening to come to school to harm or take a child not in his/her custody, or an armed individual outside the school.  In the event of the need for a lockdown, teachers will be told to keep students in their classrooms and/or in the building over the intercom. If in a preventative lockdown, students will be allowed to move within the building when all students have been accounted for and only after given notice from the Office. No students will be allowed to exit the building if the school is in lockdown.  Students who are in the portables must remain in those buildings until the lockdown is over. All doors to the school and the portables will be locked. Staff is required to submit an emergency report ASAP in an event of a preventative lockdown. 


A secure lockdown occurs when an intruder is in the building.  In the event of the need for a secure lockdown, students will shelter in their classrooms away from the windows and doors. Classroom doors should be locked and the blinds on the windows closed. Lights should be turned off and students should be quiet.  Classroom doors should never be opened. An all clear will be announced over the intercom if the emergency lockdown is a drill. If possible, email the situation in your classroom to the principal and office manager with a copy to the School Resource Officer (SRO) officer; however, staff's first duty is to get themselves and students out of sight. Reports should be done after and only when everyone is safe.